Buy Oxygenator 50 ml For Sale


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Buy Oxygenator 50 ml For Sale

Oxynegator is a product designed from MSM (methyl sulphonyl methane) and complex sugars (mainly Oligosaccharides).

The MSM is a compound very similar to DMSO, (in fact the DMSO is converted to MSM when taking oxygen) but also we recommend mixing with another product with DMSO, since they generate a more efficient oxygen transport.

Also the sugars Oligosaccharides of oxygenator, works as an excellent oxygenator and creator of muscular energy where the muscular demands involve generating qualitative jumps and explosives regardless of having entered regime and maintenance of speed/ or job.

This product complies with the expectations for such explosions.

Presentation :
50 ml bottle, with 5gr.or 5000mg of  MSM ( & complex sugar)


100 mg MSM

excp. 1 ml (Sterile Water & complex sugars)


MSM 10% (& complex sugars )

Dose for race – Horse & Camel: 

  • Regular Dosage:  3 ml, 5-6 hs before the race IV, and 3 ml The two days before the race (3 ml IV or IM each day)
  • Maximum dosage: 10 ml, 1º 24 hs before the race, 2º 10 ml 5-6 hs before the race ( IV )
  • Minimun dosage: 2 ml,  5-6 hs before the race IV/IM.
  • Minimum limit before the race : 4 hs IV exclusively , Less than this time, the product will not come to effect correctly
  • Maximun limit before the race : 8 hs IM exclusively, applied before 8hs IM, the product will lose its maximum power.
  • Maximum number of doses: 3 , 1 each 24hs

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Buy Oxygenator 50 ml For Sale

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