Buy GH 300 (Growth Hormone) 10ml For Sale


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Buy GH 300 (Growth Hormone) 10ml For Sale

EGH 300 is a concentrated growth hormone product already recombined and ready to use.

Growth hormone is a hormone widely used for muscle development in numerous species, including in the field of human training and of course in race animals.

Consequently with proper training, it generates gains in mass, strength, endurance and speed in race animals exponentially.

The benefits are widely known, perhaps it is the ideal substitute for the training of race animals, avoiding the negative impact that usually have the olfactory effects for example versus the anabolic steroids.

The anabolic steroids have specific fields more developed, can generate more specific effects, but comparatively the growth hormone generates substantial gains, being able to be used for longer periods of time and differentiable results with specific trainings in racing animals.

Can develop resistance, speed, power, strength, long-term endurance for long races with the new muscle fibers generated with the specific training, plus the growth hormone generates a strong lipolytic effect in the process, and transforms stored energy into form of fatty tissue in substantially potent muscle tissue.

EGH 300 is a product specially designed for racehorses and horses.

Presentation: 10 ml Bottle

Doses :
(IM only )

a) Horse and camel – Dose of attack : 4 ml twice a Week , only the first Week

b) Horse and camel – Regular dose: use at least 2 months, applying 2 ml twice a Week.

c) Horse and camel –  to train resistance and endurance: use at least 4 months, applying 2 ml twice a Week.

d) Horse and camel – to train strength and explosion: use at least 6 weeks, applying 2 ml “three” times a week.

e) Horse and camel –  dose to train final speed:

  • apply the first 2 weeks :  2 ml twice a Week
  • apply the 3rd and 4th week: 3 ml twice a Week
  • apply the week 5 and 6: 4 ml twice a Week
  • apply the 7th and 8th week: 3 ml twice a Week
  • apply the 9th and 10th week: 2 ml twice a Week
  • apply the 11th and 12th week: 1 ml twice a Week

f) Dogs : 1ml twice a Week

g)  hawks & Falcons : 0,1 ml twice a Week.


Not easily detected. therefore it ´s usually used in the competitive field versus anabolic steroids (that are easily detected).

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Buy GH 300 (Growth Hormone) 10ml For Sale

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